Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Founded in 2001 and based in Chicago, AUSL manages the largest network of public turnaround schools in the country, and is the nation’s leading model for fundamental change focused on the lowest performing schools. AUSL currently manages 31 schools in Chicago, serving nearly 18,000 students pre-K through 12th grade.

Education leaders from across the nation and the world have studied our model, and we believe that districts beyond Chicago could improve the achievement of their lowest performing schools by undertaking an approach similar to AUSL’s, or by incorporating elements of our model into their own work.


Advisory Services

Rooted in our on-the-ground expertise turning schools around and training teachers in the residency model, we offer a variety of different types of client engagements. Each project’s scope and fees are tailored to your school, district, organization, or state’s needs.


Engagement types include:

  • Study tours of AUSL schools (1/2 day to multi-day visits)
  • In-person consultation with AUSL expert staff (in Chicago or at your site)
  • Professional development and coaching for teachers and school leaders
  • Phone conferences and webinars
  • Needs assessment and improvement plan consulting
  • Intensive onsite technical assistance and implementation support

Key Results of the AUSL Program

ISBE approved Lead Partner

NYC Department of Education started Teachers Residency Program modeled after AUSL’s Chicago Teacher Residency program.

Serving as Lead Partner to the North Chicago School District.

LA School created their own versions of signature strategies and Environment checklists based on their visits to AUSL

AUSL is an ISBE-approved lead partner for school improvement efforts in Illinois’ persistently lowest achieving schools. AUSL can offer services as part of SIG grant funding or in conjunction with direct state takeover.


AUSL Institute offers expertise in the following three key areas.

Turnaround and transformation of low-performing urban schools:

Teacher residency training to create a pipeline of talent for school transformation:

Teacher development process to increase teaching proficiency, job satisfaction, and student achievement:

  • AUSL’s PASSAGE framework
  • Designing a model for whole-school transformation, given your district’s labor agreements
  • Turnaround school organizational design and budgeting
  • Parent and community engagement before, during, and after school turnaround or transformation
  • Ensuring a talent pipeline for principals and teachers; recruitment and selection approaches
  • Pre-turnaround planning calendar
  • In-depth coaching and professional development for principals and other school leaders
  • School and classroom environments: observations of AUSL schools and classrooms, expectations and checklists
  • Using public schools as Training Academies
  • Building a strong university partnership
  • Program financial planning and funding source
  • Competencies needed for the Program Director and team
  • Resident recruiting and admissions
  • Program content: benchmarks for developing proficient practice, learning and integrating proven instructional strategies, technology-enabled coaching, formative assessment
  • Selection, expectations and development of mentor teachers
  • Coaching, feedback, and professional development for principals and teachers
  • Training on “Signature Strategies” for classroom management and instruction
  • Goal setting and performance management for teachers and school leaders
  • Implementing a standards-based, college preparatory curriculum K-12
  • Creating an aligned assessment system that identifies student learning needs
  • Pre-turnaround summer professional development for teachers and school staff