Impact Through Innovation

The Pioneering In-District Innovation Zone (“iZone”)

Since becoming the nation’s first urban teacher residency program in 2001 and the nation’s first in-district innovation zone in 2006, AUSL has operated autonomously within the Chicago Public School system to transform the city’s lowest-performing schools.

Today, AUSL has trained over 1,000 high-quality teachers, has transformed 31 schools, and currently impacts 17,000 children throughout Chicago’s South and West sides.

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AUSL has achieved this impact by focusing and innovating across five levers of impact.

Create better teachers and leaders

We develop, place, and advance high-quality teachers and future leaders by providing targeted and scaffold-ed pathways
Transform school climate and culture

We ensure previously underperforming schools are safe, supportive, and diverse learning environments that enable each child to thrive academically and socially
Supporting the “whole child”

We build and sustain Pre-K through 12 academic, social-emotional, and extracurricular supports to enrich all aspects of student learning.
Leading with data

We implement, nurture, and refine the data systems and culture to enhance how we serve our students.
Managing for continuous improvement

We evolve the leadership structure and relationships necessary to help the underserved populations succeed within large urban school systems

Voice of AUSL

As the pioneers on the forefront of in-district innovation over the last decade, our experiences have shaped our unique perspective and the perspective others have of us. From how education and social policy issues impact our students to new ways to evolve teaching and learning to being featured in studies and stories in the education media, we look forward to sharing these perspectives below.

Innovate AUSL

AUSL is doggedly focused on continuously improving how it does what it does to move the needle even more. And it recognizes that a part of moving the needle is working, learning, and innovating collaboratively with you. To do this, AUSL is sharing short innovateAUSL stories or third-party studies featuring its best and next practices – illustrating how and why we do what we do – to begin this dialogue. Find this and other thought leadership below.