Advisory Services

We believe that our successful approach to transforming student outcomes in low-performing schools can be implemented to address educational challenges in any community.

We partner with districts and schools to offer training, support, and tools to improve school culture, student academic performance, and teacher professional development.

Through identifying root causes, together we create an action plan that sets you on a path to educational excellence to make an impact on students, and communities, that you serve.

Why Us?

Not only do we manage 31 Chicago Public Schools on the city’s west and south sides serving 17,000 students (whom 93% qualify for free or reduced price lunch), but we also created and manage the first and most prolific teacher residency program in the nation.

Plus, we’re an ESSA endorsed High Quality Vendor in Illinois, Louisiana, and Nevada.

See where the AUSL Way has been implemented across the country:

An ESSA endorsed High Quality Vendor in Illinois, Louisiana, and Nevada

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How We Work

We cater and design our advisory services packages to meet your needs and budget. This includes us visiting you, doing intensive onsite technical assistance and implementation. Or, you visit us and walk through our many schools to see how it’s done.

Our Services

Needs assessment

Identify strengths and challenges of your school or district and set priorities for future action.
Building positive school culture & climate

Build community around high expectations for students through implementing behavior management systems.
Creating a data-centered culture

Assist in the implementation of making data part of an ongoing cycle of instructional improvement.
Instructional & transformational leadership

Create stronger and more effective school leaders and teachers through individualized professional development.
Teacher residency program design

Consults on creating a teacher residency tailored to needs of a district.
Talent management & development

Strategy on recruiting, hiring, supporting, developing, and retaining the most qualified staff.
Becoming a reflective learner

Support school staff in coming more self-aware and how to make it part of practice.
Customized improvement plans

Customized plans designed to improve student achievement and the steps necessary in accomplishing these goals.

Case Study

We partnered with North Chicago Community High School for three years to improve their graduation, attendance, and college-going rates.

Ready to get started or just want to learn more? Contact:

Tre Childress
Director of Advisory Services