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A Day In the Life: AUSL Insitutes

The best way to see the possibilities your own work is to build a vision for where you want to go.  To help you build that vision for yourself and your team, we invite you to see the AUSL Network in action through an AUSL Institute.

During an Institute (a full-day or multi-day visit), become immersed in an AUSL network school by walking the halls, visiting classrooms, and hearing from school and network leaders and teachers about how they created the culture and realized the outcomes you see before you. Take what you learn and spend facilitated time creating an aligned vision for yourself and your team, and begin planning for that work immediately.  

Learn more about what an immersive AUSL Institute can look and feel like for you below.


Imagine student attendance is declining at your high school, and when students are in school, you see a noticeable uptick in behavior issues, manifesting in suspensions.  This is noticeably driving student and staff morale and culture challenges, with both groups becoming increasingly disengaged and solely focused on graduation, rather than even thinking about college or post-secondary options.

As a school leader or member of the school leadership team, you know you must do something to turn around the culture and climate in your school and are now working with AUSL Advisory Services on intentionally and strategically addressing this challenge.


You and your leadership team have flown to Chicago to spend two days with your AUSL Advisor and experts from the AUSL Network.  You will spend each day of your two-day Institute at different schools, in different neighborhoods with different and diverse student populations and different school leadership teams.  Your team may get pre-read material in advance, specifically on look-fors or evidence that should be present when a school’s culture and climate is high-performing.

DAY 1 Example

The first day starts with breakfast and an overview on the AUSL Network in the computer lab of the first high school.  To start off strong, your team aligns on the outcomes for the visit (understanding the different levers contributing a school’s culture and climate).

Next, you hear from the school leader on the school’s history, goals, and priorities and how and why that has evolved since the school has been a part of the AUSL Network.  Building on that context and the pre-read material, you spend the next 1-2 hours on a guided tour of the school, observing classrooms/activities, hallways, and passing periods.  

After lunch, you engage in a discussion with the Assistant Principal on how this school approaches making attendance a priority for them each and every day and the strategies they employ to reach their daily 97% attendance goal.  And since attendance hinges often on the school and classroom environments, and how students are engaged, you’ll spend time with AUSL Network experts on how to bring to life the look-fors to realize a high-performing school and classroom culture.  

You’ll close the day with time to ask questions of the experts, and then discuss what you observed as a team and what all this may mean for you.

DAY 2 Example

The second day starts again with breakfast in the library of the second high school in a different neighborhood of Chicago.  Your team quickly aligns again on the outcomes for the visit, and then engages in a discussion with the AUSL Network’s data strategy team to discuss the hard and soft data systems and culture that is should form the foundation of a school’s climate, ensuring everyone is working towards the same and most appropriate outcomes – students, parents, teachers, and leaders.  

Similarly, you hear from the leader of this school about its history, goals, and priorities – noting how very different each school and school leader is from one another.  You then begin your school walk, again observing the very different classrooms and school environment. You notice the same look-fors manifesting differently but as effectively in this school.

After lunch, AUSL Network experts on the behavior management cycle join you to engage in an interactive and practical exercise around best practices for different roles in the school.  Next, the AUSL Network expert shares strategies to layer in and bring to life a college-going culture in your school.

Finally, you end the day with two hours of facilitated time with your team and your AUSL Advisor to surface your key takeaways and plan how you will bring to life what you saw today in your own school.


Client Testimonials

I love being a part of these discussions in your neighborhood; it really helps validate the importance of our systems of delivery.

– Counselor, Encompass Academy, Reno, NV

I always appreciate the walk-throughs at the schools, and meeting with teachers, admin, and students (thank you for that!).

-Principal, Encompass Academy, Reno, NV