Our Approach

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? You can come see our work in progress at any time. We walk the talk every day. If we are advising others on it, you can see it in action at our schools.

AUSL manages 31 schools in Chicago serving 17,000 students. Many of these schools were once the lowest performing schools in the state of Illinois, and are now highly rated in the third largest school district in the country. AUSL represents a student body that is 71% black and 26% Hispanic. 93% of AUSL students qualify for free or reduced price lunch.

Additionally, AUSL created and currently manages the first and most prolific teacher residency program in the nation. The Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR) is a one-year program in which over 1,000 residents have trained under guidance from mentor teachers in AUSL classrooms and obtained a Master’s degree in teaching through one of our university partners.

Through our work managing schools and training teachers, we understand the needs and challenges your students face – and we have the tools to help all students achieve.

Services Offered

Needs Assessment

Includes identifying strengths and challenges of your school or district.

Set priorities for future action.

Building positive school culture and climate

Builds community and support around high expectations for students

Implements strong behavior management system reinforced through routines and Procedures

Establishes proper classroom environment which sets the table for instruction

Instructional & Transformational Leadership

Prepares school leaders to become stronger and more effective through professional development

Guides leaders in identifying needed changes, creating vision through inspiration, and executing changes with commitment of faculty and staff

Elevates principals’ instructional leadership capacity in alignment with rigorous academic and college readiness standards

Individualized professional development for teachers and school leaders

Provides individualized training for teachers to continuously improve their practice

Develops teacher instructional teams, which provide structured framework for collaboration to advance school goals

Teacher residency program design

Consults on the process of creating a teacher residency tailored to needs of a district

Guides districts in developing university partnerships, curriculum for residents, and recruitment of candidates

Creating a Data Craving Culture

Establish a clear vision for schoolwide data use.

Assist in implementation of foundational processes to make data part of an ongoing cycle of instructional improvement

Assist in interpretation of data and develop hypotheses about how to improve student learning.

Talent Management & Development Becoming a Reflective Learner

Assist in planning to strategically recruit, hire, induct, support, develop and retain the most qualified staff

Support School leaders in becoming more self-aware, reflective, who develop self and others as a routine part of practice.

Customized Improvement Plans

Our customized plans include goals designed to improve student achievement and the steps necessary in accomplishing these goals.

How we work

Engagement opportunities include intensive onsite technical assistance and implementation support with an expert AUSL team as well as:

Needs Assessment
Plan Design

At your location
At ours

We can design an advisory package that works with your needs and budget.