Chicago Teacher Residency™ Testing

A passing TAP score — or an ACT/SAT equivalent — is required before the start of the Chicago Teacher Residency in June, but not required in order to submit an application.

Waive with ACT/SAT

Nervous about the TAP (Test of Academic Proficiency) Exam? If you have a qualifying ACT/SAT score, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) may waive it!

Please note that you will still need to take and pass the appropriate content area tests by October of your Residency year.

ACT Criteria

  • Prior to 9/1/2015 – Composite ACT Plus Writing score of at least 22 and a minimum 19 Combined English/Writing score
  • 9/1/2015–9/9/2016 – Composite ACT Plus Writing score of at least 22 and a minimum 16 Writing score>/li>
  • 9/10/2016 or later – Composite ACT Plus Writing score of at least 22 and a minimum 6 Writing score
    (The ACT Plus Writing must be taken at the same time you receive a score of 22 or higher.)

SAT Criteria

  • Prior to 3/5/2016 – Composite (Mathematics & Critical Reading) SAT score of at least 1030 and a minimum 450 Writing score
  • After 3/5/2016 – Composite (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing + Mathematics) SAT score of at least 1110 and a minimum 26 Writing and Language score
  • ACT & SAT: AUSL must receive your test scores by May 1 and ISBE Waiver by June 1.

How do I waive it?

Prospective candidates who wish to use their ACT/SAT score in lieu of the TAP must complete the following:

Step 1: Request ACT or SAT scores. Scan and upload a copy of your scores to the appropriate section of your online application.

STOP: Only complete steps 2-5 if and when you are accepted into the program.

Step 2: Create an Educator License Information System (ELIS) account.

Step 3: Request ACT or SAT send an official score report to ISBE. (ISBE must receive the score reports directly from ACT/SAT.) For ACT, use institution code 3001; for SAT, use institution code 6773.

Step 4: Check your ELIS account regularly to check the status of your waiver request.

Step 5: Notify AUSL Admissions once ISBE has accepted your waiver. This must be completed by June 1, 2018 for the late June start.

* Instructions for calculating your combined English/writing score

Study Guides

For those that will need to complete TAP, we have study guides and resources so you can do your best. However, fewer than one-third pass all four sections of the TAP on the first attempt. The more you study and prepare, the greater your chances of doing well!


Which tests do I take?

All residents must pass the Illinois Licensure Testing System tests required for their content area before the start of the program:

Grade Level/Content Area Test Codes Test Names
Early Childhood (K-2) 400
Test of Academic Proficiency AND
Early Childhood Education (Final test 1/21/2018) OR
Early Childhood Education (Available starting 1/22/2018)
Elementary (3-5) 400
Test of Academic Proficiency AND
Elementary Education
Middle (6-8) Language Arts 400
Test of Academic Proficiency AND
Middle Grades Language Arts
Middle (6-8) Mathematics 400
Test of Academic Proficiency AND
Middle Grades Mathematics
Middle (6-8) Science 400
Test of Academic Proficiency AND
Middle Grades Science
Special Education (K-12)  400 Test of Academic Proficiency
(Special Education tests are taken during the training year.)

We advise that you choose and register for your tests as early as possible. Applicants who take tests in by February have an advantage, because they may re-test (if necessary) to complete testing requirements in time to join the program in late June or early July.

Test Registration >

How do I register for the tests?

Tests are administered by the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) in accordance with the requirements for teacher licensure established by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Register online.

Tests are computer-based and can be scheduled Monday through Saturday at one of over 4,400 Pearson VUE locations worldwide. The total registration fee for all 4 subtests of the Test of Academic Proficiency is $113. If taken separately (for example if you need to retake one part of the test), the registration for each subtest is $68. The registration fee for most content area tests is $122.

Send AUSL a copy of the unofficial score report that you receive upon exiting the testing center. Final scores are reported 2-4 weeks after the test date, also send AUSL a copy as soon as you receive them. (It is not necessary to request that a score report be sent to AUSL or our university partners when you register for your tests.)

Note: Fees and fee policies are established by ILTS and subject to change. AUSL does not represent that this information is guaranteed to be accurate.

I took and passed my Test of Academic Proficiency and/or Content Area tests a few years ago. Can I use those scores?

The ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly the Basic Skills Test) scores are valid indefinitely. All versions of the Test of Academic Proficiency/Basic Skills test (096, 300, or 400) are acceptable.

Content Area test scores are valid for 10 years from the date of application for educator licensure. Since you will apply for your license in June 2019, only passing scores dated after July 2009 are eligible.

What if I don’t pass the Test of Academic Proficiency or content area test on the first attempt?

You may re-take the Test of Academic Proficiency and/or your content area test(s) if you don’t pass the first time. The best strategy is to invest some time to study the required knowledge before you take the test so you will pass everything on the first attempt.

May I submit an application before I register for or receive my test scores?

Yes! We will review your application before you register for your tests. Upon acceptance into the program, you will be required to register for your tests and pass them before the start of the program.

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