Why Choose AUSL Chicago Teacher Residency™?

With over 1,000 graduates, The Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR) program is the largest in the country and premier program of choice. Residents are equipped to become highly effective teachers with a year of training, guidance and coaching from an experienced mentor teacher while also earning a Master’s degree in education.

There are many different ways to become a teacher, but the Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR) believes that residents best benefit from an extended clinical experience in school sites. You will be living the life of the classroom from day one, teaching kids and being a part of the everyday life of the school. In the CTR, we believe there is no substitute for experience! You’ll be with children and helping teach from day one of your clinical placement.

The CTR is driven by the belief that the more you know and understand children and the more exposure to the planning and preparation that goes into teaching them effectively you have, the more effective and impactful you will be on your own students when you become a teacher.

Make an Impact

The Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR) has prepared fifteen graduating classes of teachers since 2003. In 2017, the CTR graduated it’s 1000th resident. A thousand teachers is a significant milestone for any teacher preparation program, but it is an important number because it allows AUSL to impact the lives of up to 17,000 schoolchildren a year in Chicago.

Part of the residency experience is the commitment to teach in CPS upon graduation. Districts like CPS often have a difficult time retaining teachers that they have recruited and onboarded. By preparing teachers differently, through extended clinical experiences, and creating our school management partnership with CPS, AUSL teachers stay at their sites and in the district far longer than the average public school teacher. In the last five school years, 77% of CTR graduates are still employed in CPS.

The impact of having cadres of specially trained teachers in schools managed by AUSL gives you the opportunity to have a huge impact on the lives of the 17,000 students served by AUSL schools every day. Your preparation and work will have a direct influence on those children, their school community, and the community at large.

Own Your Career Path

The Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR) was designed to give underserved children in Chicago Public Schools the best possible teachers we could provide. That’s been the mission since day one. As AUSL and the CTR have grown, managing schools has also become part of our mandate. Taking some of the poorest performing schools in CPS and improving the outcomes for kids has been driving our work both in the CTR and with our school management team.

The CTR is only one facet of how we prepare and support teachers at AUSL. The CTR produces high-quality beginning teachers. AUSL, then, supports those teachers with coaches and professional development. Many of our coaches were former residents in the CTR, who, after years in the classroom, use their expertise to support our new resident graduates. Some of our coaches have moved into administrative positions in our schools (after earning their administrative license at one of our partner universities.) Today, there are two former residents who are principals in the network, along with many others who serve as assistant principals, content lead teachers, or team lead teachers.

Other resident graduates have moved, after years of teaching, to becoming a mentor classroom for training residents, or into running the CTR itself, serving as mentor resident coaches for the training sites in the program. There are a wide variety of options of growing professionally when you’ve joined the CTR and AUSL.

Earn Your Masters

Earn your Masters degree while you obtain hands-on classroom experience and coaching. AUSL residents take all university courses as a cohort with other residents, using a course sequence and schedule customized for our program.


Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in Early Childhood Education

at DePaul University

Coursework will prepare you for the classroom with courses in teaching methods, growth and development, literacy, and assessment. You will take all necessary coursework for your Illinois Professional Educator License with an Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2) endorsement.


Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Degree

at National Louis University

Coursework will prepare you for the classroom with teaching methods courses in literacy, math, science, social studies, educational psychology, technology in education, and research. You will take all necessary coursework for your Illinois Professional Educator License with an Elementary Education (Grades 1-6) endorsement.


Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Degree

at National Louis University

Coursework will prepare you for the classroom with courses in teaching methods for your content area, curriculum, and assessment. You will take all the necessary coursework for your Illinois Professional Educator License with a Middle Grades (Grades 5-8) endorsement.


Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in Special Education

at DePaul University

For residents interested in teaching in a Special Education setting, this program will lead to an Illinois Professional Educator License with a Special Education (LBS1) endorsement (K-12). Coursework will prepare you for work with a Special Education population in a variety of settings as a co-teacher, resource, and self-contained classroom. You will develop the skills to work with, develop, and assess students with learning needs. Residents in this program will be placed in a Special Education classroom.