AUSL Schools Framework

AUSL creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in the lowest performing schools. Steady, positive improvements in academic achievement, student engagement, and parent satisfaction are hallmarks of all AUSL-managed CPS schools.


AUSL’s six point PASSAGE framework provides our school leadership teams with a roadmap for creating schools of excellence. PASSAGE summarizes our distinct approach to management, culture, environment, curriculum, instruction, and data usage.


Positive School Culture

Safe and nurturing school and classroom environment

Transparent, effective recruitment, attendance and restorative discipline policies


Action Against Adversity

Engaged parents and community partners

Awareness of, and resources to support, student needs


Setting Goals and Getting it Done

Aggressive, transparent goals for school, teams, and individuals

Intentional cycles of inquiry and improvement based on accurate data


Shared Responsibility for Achievement

High-functioning teams throughout the school and network

Focused investment in developing capacity and distributing leadership


Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Rigorous and aligned standards-based K – 12 curriculum used network wide

Unified assessment systems to improve instruction


Engaging and Personalized Instruction

Continuous development of a committed and highly effective AUSL teaching staff

Targeted and differentiated student instruction