¡Hola a todos!

¡Hola a todos!

My second graders have been madly counting down the days on the class calendar to the first day of Spring! It is now officially here! I too am counting down the days, but not until spring – until April 11th! Why April 11th, you ask? On April 11th, I will officially be submitting my edTPA!

Submitting my edTPA is one of the last few pieces of the CTR puzzle as the year is coming to a close! The edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment which takes a close look at the skills and knowledge that all teachers need to have on Day 1 in their own classroom. This is the first year that the state of Illinois requires all teacher candidates to submit the assessment. I must say that it is an intense process with many intricate details and parts but it forces you to take a good look at yourself as a teacher, your professional practice, and the knowledge you have acquired.

As opposed to customary standardized tests, the edTPA permits teacher candidates to demonstrate what they know and can do in a distinctive approach. The focus is on student learning. You must be able to depict your students, what you know about them, and how you can use this information to heighten their interest in learning as well as meeting their learning needs. Like I said, there are many moving parts to the process ranging from planning and filming three consecutive lessons to calculating the student data and what you would do differently. It is a lot to take on but with the encouragement of my mentor, the CTR, and NLU faculty (shout out to Janet!!), I feel confident that I am prepared to the best of my ability to submit my edTPA without any reservations.

I am still growing and learning not only an educator, but as a person as well. With each new day, I learn more from my kiddos than I could ever imagine and they remind me of why I am here and continuing to push myself. As Aeschylus said, “I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship.”

Posted on March 24, 2016 by Kelly Ackmann

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Kelly Ackmann is a resident in the AUSL Chicago Teacher Residency program teaching bilingual 2nd grade Math and Science at Tarkington School of Excellence in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood. Kelly is originally from Barrington, Illinois and a graduate of University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign where she majored in both Spanish and Communication.

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