A Conversation with Stagg Parent Bernice Cobbins

A Conversation with Stagg Parent Bernice Cobbins

At Stagg School of Excellence, Bernice Cobbins is more than a parent. She also works at the school as a classroom aid and serves as the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) chairperson. Bernice saw the transformation of Stagg from before AUSL took over and was eager to share
her experience.

What do you think is the most important change?
Our kids have all kinds of different things going on in their lives, and the fact they have people they can trust and feel secure with speaks volumes. Principal Knox always goes above and beyond for our kids. And now the parents are working together and giving 100% to the school. Kids come home with smiles.

Do you see a difference at Stagg from before the turnaround to now?
Lots of different things! Kids weren’t succeeding in reading and math. The change that came in was a great one, we couldn’t have gotten it at a better time. Now, parents are transferring their kids to Stagg. They saw reading and math scores increase and attendance improve. Neighborhood parents want to be a part of that. The teachers have positive attitudes and outstanding character.

What would you like to see different at Stagg now that AUSL is in the building?
There is nothing I would change. I am totally happy, more so than with any other public school. I see kids improving. I can see them striving.
The environment has changed. It’s why I have stuck with AUSL—Stagg is a different school than what it began as.

Posted on May 3, 2016 by AUSL Chicago

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