Spotlighting AUSL’s STEM Programming Part 2: Boeing Grant Provides Support for AUSL STEM Initiatives

For the second year in a row, Boeing has generously provided AUSL network schools with a grant to inspire STEM participation and support the AUSL annual STEAM fair finals, an event that provides grades 4-12 across all 31 AUSL schools the opportunity to engage with science, engineering, technology, art (design) and math (STEAM) in creative competition.

Our STEM programming includes:

STEM Buddies

AUSL Schools of Excellence partner elementary students with middle school students for STEM Buddy events. These pairs team up for in-class engineering or science challenges that encourage teamwork, mentorship and STEM skills. STEM Buddies is held at least twice a year in both the fall and spring.

STEM Family Night

Boeing’s generous grant also helps us to host a STEM family night at 12 participating network schools at least twice a year.These sessions allow families to test the success of a take-home activity that they did with their student in advance of the evening, then work together to complete a new, fun and educational STEM challenge over a complimentary dinner. Families also have a chance to win additional STEM-related activities and kits to continue their learning after Family Night.


Each school hosts their own STEAM fair competition. The winners are invited to the network-wide AUSL STEAM Fair finals where representatives from Boeing and other leading STEM organizations judge the projects and interact with students. Winners take home various large-scale technology-based awards, like robotics kits, secured through Boeing’s support.

Together with AUSL, Boeing and these volunteers help to foster a sense of friendly competition, inspiration, and innovation through these STEAM fair events.

AUSL STEM Learning Innovation
AUSL Science Coach Kathy Bailey first started STEM Buddies, Family Nights and the at-home challenges at the Tarkington School of Excellence. These programs serve as a model throughout AUSL network schools.