Transforming Outcomes by Transforming Leaders: Part 2

Personalized Adult Learning Seeks to Accelerate School Leader Impact

AUSL’s theory of change focuses on transformative talent driving transformative outcomes for our students.  Part 1 of our series on Transforming Leaders discussed the key levers that AUSL uses to grow our school leaders: through our unique coaching structure using Directors of School Leadership, through dedicated collaboratives of 4-6 other school leaders where formal and informal development can occur, and finally through personalized learning programming where school leaders can focus on individual areas of development to accelerate their learning and impact.


This month, AUSL held its first inaugural AUSL Innovates Speaker Series event.  This TED Talk-type showcase celebrated the innovative school leaders who spent this past school year exploring an area of personal interest, passion and impact in their AUSL schools.  Below, hear their stories about this experience, what they learned and where they seek to take their personalized learning path next.

Let Them be Heard: How Giving Adolescents a Voice Inspires Real Change in Education

By Isaac Castelez

Principal, National Teachers Academy

Learn how the transformation of his school mirrored the transformation of his leadership – from not just serving his students, but partnering with his students to better meet their needs.

Leaders Are Not Born, They Are Made

Learn how Tosha transformed the culture at her school to grow her teachers and staff into school leaders from the inside.

Why You Can't Expect Results Without First Building Trust

Learn how the seeds of trust are sown in a school and the impact it has had in transforming outcomes for Piccolo’s student body.

Everyone Deserves to be a Favorite: Personalization for the Adults We Lead

Learn how the needs of adult learners are no different than the needs of the student learners, and how creating the space to personalize the learning of teachers accelerates meeting student needs.

Evening the Odds for Black Boys

Learn how the Fuller School of Excellence is using data – both quantitative and qualitative – to transform how it serves its highest needs students – black boys.