Marketing and Communications RFPs

Marketing Material Printer RFP

Overview: Requesting services for printing marketing materials.

Project Goals: Meet the printing needs of various AUSL employees with an affordable budget.

Scope of Work: Vendor must be able to contact on project-by-project basis and print a variety of marketing materials (e.g. booklets, brochures, posters, business cards, etc.).

Budget: Varies


Public Relations Services RFP

General Information

About AUSL

The Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) is a nonprofit organization operating in partnership with Chicago Public Schools to manage 31 public schools and the largest and oldest teacher residency program in the nation. With this knowledge and experience, we provide consultation services to school districts all across the country to further our impact on public education.

AUSL is transforming academic outcomes for over 16,000 students in Chicago’s most underserved communities, delivering on its mission of realizing the promise of education equity in Chicago and beyond.

Statement of Work


The purpose of this proposal is to invite agencies to submit their proposal to provide Public Relations and Media Relations services. The following describes the requirements necessary for successful completion of such an engagement with AUSL.


AUSL is looking to partner with a Public Relations agency or expert who can provide the following:

  •     Ongoing strategic planning and creative consultation
  •     Promotional support
  •     Press releases
  •     Media campaigns
  •     Crisis PR support
  •     Ongoing pitch writing
  •     Special events
  •     Ongoing reporting of metrics and monitoring

AUSL is looking to reassess our current PR strategies. Therefore, in addition to the scope above, we are interested in any additional services you feel would be a fit for our needs based on your expertise and assessment.  

Proposal Submission Procedure

Agencies RFP Reception

By responding to this RFP, the agency or expert agrees to be responsible for fully understanding the requirements/details within the RFP and may ask any questions needed to gain such an understanding. AUSL retains the right to disqualify agencies that do not provide a proposal that demonstrates a clear understanding of our requirements or needs. This right extends beyond the contract award period and AUSL will not be at fault or held responsible for any costs incurred by the agency or expert.

Project Schedule

AUSL is looking to select a PR agency or expert as soon as possible. There is no set deadline, but thorough proposals received early will be given priority evaluation due to time constraints.

Evaluation Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated systematically, based on the following criterion:

  •     Experience with nonprofit organizations/educational programs
  •     Strong relationships with both traditional and non-traditional media in the education industry
  •     Strong relationships with local news media
  •     Event promotional experience
  •     Strong track record of successful media placements in national, local and trade publications
  •     Positive interactions with reference accounts (see below)

Agencies or experts who demonstrate their ability to meet these needs will be contacted via phone and/or email to be notified of their selection to move forward with the RFP process. Agencies or experts who have not been selected will not be contacted.

Reference Accounts

Please provide at least two reference clients with your proposal. These clients should be willing to briefly discuss the work you have done for them and their satisfaction level with your services by telephone and/or email. For each reference, please include:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Title
  • Organization
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email

Budgeting and Resources Required

Please include a description of the estimated budget, including your billing rates and any additional potential fees that could be anticipated upon reaching an agreement. The more detailed, the better.


To submit your proposal, please contact:

David Brown
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications