Full Year of Training

As an AUSL Chicago Teacher Resident, learn and polish your craft working closely with a highly skilled, experienced mentor teacher. You will work four days a week at an AUSL teacher training Chicago public school, with full-time coaching and guidance. This will help shape you into a confident, capable, and reflective teacher ready for the unique challenges of working in an urban school.



Starting in the summer, residents begin their training year with full-time university course work, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday. Half of the graduate course work for the Master’s degree is completed during the summer; it is an intense academic experience and a full-time commitment. Classes are held from late June/early July to mid August.

School Year

Beginning the week before the students return to school, residents work in their assigned classroom with their mentor teacher Monday – Thursday, whenever school is in session. Fridays are dedicated to university classes.


In mid-July, following their AUSL training year and Master’s degree graduation, residents who will be teaching at new AUSL schools attend professional development and planning to prepare for the opening of their schools.

Program Cycle Details

Residents work in the classroom with their Mentor teacher in 7 five-week cycles, including three Lead Teach experiences. Learning and practicing specific, carefully sequenced strategies for instruction and classroom management, including those listed below, prepares residents for steadily increasing responsibility.

Coaching Staff

Mentor Teachers

Proficient, experienced Mentor teachers are selected to provide individualized coaching for one or two residents assigned to their classroom, ensuring personalized growth and development. With their Mentor teacher’s support, residents observe, practice, receive coaching and feedback, and reflect throughout the year.

Mentor Resident Coaches

Each AUSL training school site has a full-time, veteran teacher assigned to support that site’s 10 to 20 residents and their mentors. MRCs, who do not teach students but who focus entirely on coaching residents and the school’s teachers, help provide linkages between university coursework and the classroom experience for residents. They also supplement the Mentor teacher’s work with additional professional development in curriculum and instruction.

Masters Degree

Master’s Degree

Earn a Master's Degree with specialized coursework designed to complement your classroom observations, practice, and coaching, which also fulfills the requirements for an Illinois Educator License.