AUSL Schools

AUSL manages 29 Chicago Public Schools serving over 17,000 students. AUSL schools operate within the CPS system and are built on the foundation of effective instruction, the right climate and culture, and high expectations and no excuses. We deliver this systematically across our schools using a framework that outlines our distinct approach to management, culture, environment, curriculum, instruction and data usage. Strong school leadership and highly effective teachers ensure student academic and social/emotional growth in AUSL's network of schools.

AUSL School Address Grades Enrollment Type Training
Bradwell School of Excellence 7736 S. Burnham Ave.
South Shore
Pre K-8 811 Turnaround School Training Site
Carter School of Excellence 5740 S. Michigan Ave.
Washington Park
Pre K-8 453 Turnaround School
Casals School of Excellence 3501 W. Potomac Ave.
Humboldt Park
Pre K-8 477 Turnaround School
Chalmers School of Excellence 2745 W. Roosevelt Rd.
North Lawndale
Pre K-8 387 Turnaround School
The Chicago Academy 3400 N. Austin Ave.
Pre K-8 592 Training Academy Training Site
Chicago Academy High School 3400 N. Austin Ave.
9-12 510 Training Academy Training Site
Collins Academy High School 1313 S. Sacramento Dr.
North Lawndale
9-12 365 Training Academy
Curtis School of Excellence 32 E. 115th St.
Pre K-8 634 Turnaround School Training Site
Deneen School of Excellence 7257 S. State St.
Greater Grand Crossing
Pre K-8 596 Turnaround School Training Site
Dewey School of Excellence 5415 S. Union Ave.
New City
Pre K-8 336 Turnaround School
Dodge Renaissance Academy 431 N. Troy Ave.
East Garfield Park
Pre K-8 229 Training Academy Training Site
Dulles School of Excellence 6311 S. Calumet Ave.
Greater Grand Crossing
Pre K-8 818 Turnaround School
Fuller School of Excellence 4214 S. Saint Lawrence Ave.
Grand Boulevard
Pre K-8 319 Turnaround School
Harvard School of Excellence 7525 S. Harvard Ave.
Greater Grand Crossing
Pre K-8 508 Turnaround School
Herzl School of Excellence 3711 W. Douglas Blvd.
North Lawndale
Pre K-8 543 Turnaround School
Howe School of Excellence 720 N. Lorel Ave.
Pre K-8 643 Turnaround School Training Site
Johnson School of Excellence 1420 S. Albany Ave.
North Lawndale
Pre K-8 437 Turnaround School Training Site
Lewis School of Excellence 1431 N. Leamington Ave.
Pre K-8 502 Turnaround School
Marquette School of Excellence 6550 S. Richmond St.
Chicago Lawn
Pre K-8 1287 Turnaround School Training Site
Morton School of Excellence 431 N. Troy Ave.
East Garfield Park
Pre K-8 403 Turnaround School Training Site
National Teachers Academy 55 W. Cermak Rd.
Near South Side
Pre K-8 586 Training Academy Training Site
O'Keeffe School of Excellence 6940 S. Merrill Ave.
South Shore
Pre K-8 599 Turnaround School
Orr Academy High School 730 N. Pulaski Ave.
Humboldt Park
9-12 582 Turnaround School
Phillips Academy High School 244 E. Pershing Rd.
9-12 601 Turnaround School
Piccolo School of Excellence 1040 N. Keeler Ave.
Humboldt Park
Pre K-8 544 Turnaround School
Sherman School of Excellence 1000 W. 52nd St.
New City
Pre K-8 392 Turnaround School
Solorio Academy High School 5400 S. St. Louis St.
Gage Park
9-12 1042 Training Academy Training Site
Stagg School of Excellence 7424 S. Morgan St.
Pre K-8 595 Turnaround School
Tarkington School of Excellence 3330 W. 71st St.
Chicago Lawn
Pre K-8 1072 Training Academy Training Site

Training Location   AUSL Training Location where residents are trained to become teachers

How We Define Our Schools

Turnaround Schools

Turning around a school is one approach that Chicago Public Schools (CPS) uses to improve neighborhood schools that have been failing for many years. The transformation begins with the new leadership and teachers in the building to deliver effective instruction and the right climate and culture to the same neighborhood students.

Training Academies

Teachers are central to our theory of change. Training Academies are neighborhood schools in which residents are trained. These schools are not turnarounds but were opened with the purpose of developing highly effective teachers for the challenging urban environment.