Lewis School of Excellence
Lewis School of Excellence

Lewis School of Excellence

Our students, in every classroom, will achieve academic excellence as a result of high-quality instruction, a student focused environment and personalized interventions. Our students will benefit from the shared resources, time and expertise of staff, parents and community partners. Our school community will value the unique attributes of each learner. Students will demonstrate academic excellence in college readiness standards, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. As a result of our rigorous curriculum and integration of technology, students will obtain the knowledge and skills they need to graduate, prepared to succeed in their college and career aspirations.

Lewis School of Excellence

From The Principal: Aquabah Gonney

I believe that a positive culture and climate has to be the foundation a school is built on. Effective structures create trusting relationships among students, staff and the community. With these structures, the focus can be placed on increasing teacher capacity in order to deliver rigorous and engaging instruction to our students that will prepare them for high school, college, careers and beyond.

At Lewis School of Excellence, we are conquering our culture and climate by instituting a curriculum study, implementing data drive instruction, improving our overall attendance and increasing parent and community engagement. Together the students, staff and community of Lewis are Making Strides with PRIDE!

Key Results

Increased annual student attendance rate by 1.4% from 2013 to 2014.

Increased the percent of students at or above grade level in both math by 8% and reading by 6% from 2013 to 2014.

100% of families would strongly recommend Lewis School of Excellence.

100% of families are satisfied or highly satisfied.

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