Tarkington School of Excellence
Tarkington School of Excellence

Tarkington School of Excellence

Mission: Tarkington School of Excellence believes that every child deserves a safe learning environment that guarantees student access and exposure to college and career paths, while providing a rigorous curriculum that maximizes student choice.

Vision: We at Tarkington School of Excellence envision a school climate that promotes leadership and positive choices to all students while giving them access and exposure to a high quality and rigorous college/career readiness paths.

Tarkington School of Excellence

From The Principal: Jessica Reisner

I am extremely honored to be serving as the principal of Tarkington School of Excellence. I am excited to support this extraordinary team of teachers and staff, parents, and students. Through a personalized approach to learning, Team Tarkington supports all students in fulfilling their potential in high school, college, and beyond. With united support, our students will achieve greatness!

Me siento honrada de poder servir como directora de la Escuela de Excelencia Tarkington. Estoy muy entusiasmada de apoyar este equipo de maestros/as extraordinarios, el personal, los padres, y estudiantes. A través de una experiencia personal con la enseñanza, el Equipo Tarkington apoya a todos los estudiantes para que puedan realizar su potencial en la escuela superior, colegio, y más allá. ¡Con el apoyo de todos, nuestros estudiantes lograran excelencia!

Key Results

Achieved 96% annual student attendance rate in 2014.

Increased the percent of students at or above grade level in both math by 9% and reading by 10% from 2013 to 2014.

97% of families would strongly recommend Tarkington School of Excellence.

96% of families are satisfied or highly satisfied.

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